401k Plans

About 401k Plans

401k Plan Services

Listed below are the retirement plan services provided by BeneTech.

  • Assist in initial and ongoing plan design
  • In-House Legal Plan Document
  • Annual Notices (Safe Harbor / Fee disclosure / SAR)
  • Calculate Employer contributions (Profit Sharing / Match)
  • Local & Toll free number sales/service
  • Plan distributions within 2 days from date of request
  • Annual Valuation Report & Regulatory Testing
  • Annual IRS Form 5500 filing
  • Independent TPA (Our clients can use the investment/recordkeeper they prefer)
  • Plan Sponsor and Participant websites
  • Assist client in establishing an automated contribution process (to eliminate data entry)
  • Annually remove “low balance” terminees using the plan’s Mandatory IRA Rollover provision
  • Assist client in reviewing and determining the validity of hardship documentation
  • Optionally work directly with your CPA to determine/calculate employer discretionary contributions

Plan Questions?

For most plan sponsor and plan participant questions,
you should contact your Investment Recordkeeper directly.